Thermal paint stripping, degreasing

For heavily coated coating equipment and temperature sensitive workpieces, the NOVA-S a.s. company offers thermal paint stripping. Depending on the material and the proportion of coating the parts for stripping are treated in an integrated gas furnace in temperatures not higher than 430°C. Our equipment functions with high effectiveness while using an innovative technology of heat recovery. The furnace is then cleaned by additional burning of the combustion residues.

Clean surface and protection of the stripped workpieces are both achieved by two types of additional treatment: the remaining ash is removed during blast cleaning using soft iron shot (round particles) while thickening the surface. In additional chemical treatment chemicals are used to get rid of the ashes on the individual parts, followed by rust removal and passivating.

Cleaning and stripping is based on thermal decomposition (low temperature carbonisation) of organic matter, while the released gases are channelled into an additional combustion chamber and burned in high temperatures.


  • Dimensions – space available: maximum height: 1 600 mm, maximum width :1 600 mm, maximum depth: 2 300 mm
  • Stripping process: 1 – 1.5 h – heating, 2 – 4 h – stripping
  • Working temperature: 400 – 450 °C

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