Cataphoretic coating (KTL)

Cathodic immersion coating (KTL) is based on electrochemical properties of individual materials. The physics of the process are based on the fact, that materials with different charge are mutually attracted, which results in high adhesion. The cathodic immersion coating technology can be used for applying an even protective layer on metal surfaces and cavities in an evenly thick layer with excellent surface quality.

Surfaces with the KTL treatment make an ideal base for powder coating or ordinary painting. The KTL can be used almost any time, regardless of the surface colour or structure.


  • Product max dimensions: length 2.500 mm, width 1.300 mm, height 1.500 mm
  • Product max weight: 500 kg
  • Paint thickness after KTL: 15 – 30 micr.
  • Colour after KTL: RAL 9005, black – Power Cron 6000HE
  • Corrosion resistance under DIN EN ISO 9227: 720 hours
  • Corrosion resistance under DIN EN ISO 9227 ( KTL + powder): 1008 hours

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